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Content Marketing - When done correctly, the results are outstanding!

The marketplace is very different today. Not too long ago salespersons used to be the experts but not any more. Here are a few surprising statistics that make the need for online content marketing services in your business, vital…

  • ● 80% of digital savvy consumers conduct online research before they contact a business for their services ot to purchase a product.
  • ● 60% begin by using a search engine like Google to find the product or service they want.
  • ● 61% are influenced by reviews to make a choice.

A strong content marketing company will devise a content writing service strategy to find these consumers wherever they are in the sales funnel. From website content, informative blogs, engaging videos and white papers there is diverse content that will fit virtually every business in any industry.

Okulus Digital brings expertise and intensity to your content strategy

Very few companies can do effective content marketing themselves with their in-house teams. To write truly engaging blog posts month-on-month, to know where and how users consume information and to manage all social media channels needs an intensity and dedication that Okulus Digital assures you. It is this intensity and personalised attention that will deliver you results.

Our Content Writing Services

Blogs & Articles
Our writers will provide you a monthly plan of blog posts that are both engaging and well researched. Our team is trained to write in different styles to speak effectively to your target audience.
Website Content
Our website content will be informative to educate your site visitors and authoritative to position you as the best, All our content is search engine optimized to make you come up in search results.
Product Descriptions
Our cutting edge writing team will provide product descriptions that will compel online visitors to purchase. This includes how-to guides, product bullet benefits, feature content and buying guides.
Ebooks & Whitepapers
We provide white paper for businesses to increase lead generation. Your readers will get access to information on technical issues, product updates, company newsletters and developments in your industry.
Social Media Content
We have the expertise to write and design customized engaging and informative content that will extend your reach in social networks. We write compelling content / videos / memes that will reflect your brand message.
Email Content
Our writers will work on your brief to write email content that will inspire action in any point of your buyer’s journey. We write email content that gets your message opened, read and clicked..

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